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25 BARS (360 PSI)

The patented AP system is suitable for inert gases and fluids.
By doubling the clamping brackets of every single joint and terminal of the system, the product can be used at a working pressure of up to 25 bar (360 psi).
The increase of the working pressure enables the transportation of incompressible fluids, such as mineral and synthetic oil, cooling and lubricating fluids.
For such a specific application a series of dedicated accessories are available, such as safety relief valves, manometers and expansion tanks, illustrated in the following pages.
Kiwa has determined that the quality management system of Teseo Srl meets the requirements of Annex III, E1 of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE.
KIWA Certificate n°: R09351RM-01. Marking CE0476.

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The following advantages stand out

  • Easy and quick to assemble, no special tools required, it can be assembled without special skills.
  • Its simple section is symmetric and can be used on all the sides. Easy to cut and bend.
  • Equipped with numerous accessories which are designed of simple modular elements compatible both with the present HBS system and steel pipes with “Gas” BSP or NPT threads.
  • A very competitive price, thanks to the quick mounting, AP is more convenient than a traditional piping system.

Technical characteristics

  • Extruded Aluminium: Alloy EN AW 6060 UNI EN 573-3:1996
  • International designations: ANSI 6060 - DIN 1748/1: AlmNsl 0,5 BS 6060
  • Chemical composition: Si: 0,45% - Mg: 0,45% - Fe: 0,3%
  • Heat treatment: Aging T5 o T6
  • Surface treatment (upon request) :  Chemical silver anodization
  • Specific weight, density:  Kg/dm3 2,71
  • Electrical conductivity: % IACS 53
  • Thermal Conductivity: W/m.K 200
  • Specific heat: J/Kg.K 96
  • Coefficient of expansion: mm/m °C 0,024
  • Tensile strength: Kg/mm2 24
  • Yield strength: Kg/mm2 20
  • Modulus of elasticity: Kg/mm2 6.700
  • Brinell hardness: HB 70÷80
  • Melting range: °C 600-650
  • O-ring material:  NBR 70
  • Operating temperature: °C -20/+120
  • Screw material:  Steel Class 8.8
  • M5 Screw driving torque: 10 N·m (90 Inch·Lbs) ± 10%
  • M6 Screw driving torque: 14 N·m (120 Inch·Lbs) ± 10%
  • Outlet thread: BSP or NPT
  • Terminal thread: BSP or NPT
  • Max operating pressure: 25 bar - 2,5 MPa - 362 psi
  • Failure test pressure: 80 bar - 8 MPa - 1160 psi

Compatibility with fluids

Compressed air, Vacuum,Argon, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Mineral oil*,Synthetic oil*, Other fluids*.

*For further information, please apply to Teseo Srl Technical Office.

blue design

The new generation of “blue” in TESEO is the result of the modification and the improvement of all the Teseo systems. Our continuous research into Energy Saving together with a high regard for the Design ruled our technical choices. We studied the internal passages and the thicknesses to increase the flow rate.
Double seats for the O-rings and high quality NBR Blue O-Rings, manufactured for Teseo, are applied to all the connections for a better sealing.
Ergonomics of the complete system has been improved thanks to optimization of the shapes and weights. Precision manufacturing carried out on many components improves the outer finishing and removes the die-casting defects.
Outlet plates plates have been re designed with new moulds, to improve quality and accuracy. The blocking parts have been analyzed and improved.
The implementation of accessories and components is continuous.
Teseo are sourcing New certifications and international confirmation.

Discover all products MULTIFLUID 25 BAR
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