1988 - The year Teseo was founded.

Teseo Srl was born in the late 80's, created by Gianfranco Guzzoni, formerly a designer in the textile industry.

1989 - The ATS trolley is born.

The first product from developed by Teseo is a trolley on wheels which runs on a modular aluminium rail. The trolley transports compressed air and electricity, and becomes adopted in the textile industry to feed pneumatic devices aboard weaving looms.

1990 - HBS modular pipe work is born.

Teseo, first in the world, develops HBS, a modular pipe work in extruded aluminium sealed with O Ring gaskets. A product destined to revolutionize the world of compressed air distribution.

1992 - 'Best New Product Award' at Fluidtrans Compomac, Milan.

Novelty award at Fluidtrans compomac, Milan. Teseo receives an important recognition from the well known Italian trade fair in the fluid power sector: the award for novelty of the year for the HBS system. The HBS system receives the GOLD AWARD as 'Product of the Year' at Plant Engineering, Chicago.

1996 - 'Product of the year award'.

1997 - ISO 9001 Certification.

Teseo obtains certification for its quality management systems with respects to the ISO 9001 requirements. A fundamental step to become suppliers to large prestigious companies in varied sectors.

TÜV product Certification.

The HBS product obtained certification for the transportation of compressed air from the famous German body.

1998 - The new modular AP system is born.

Teseo does not overindulge with the success accomplished with HBS. It launches a new modular pipe work in extruded aluminium of second generation: the AP system. The innovative characteristics of AP includes: a quicker installation, curve-able, a totally symmetrical profile, a clean and aesthetically pleasing design.

2000 - 'Best New Product Award' at Fluidtrans Compomac, Milan

For the second time in the same decade, the Fluidtrans Compomac Trade Show of Milan awards a product of Teseo. AP receives the 'Unique Novelty Award' for its sector in year 2000.

2001 - IF DESIGN Award.

The Industrie Forum of the Hannover Messe (www.hannovermesse.com) appoints AP system among the winners of the prestigious ECOLOGY AWARD for its ergonomics, energy efficiency, aesthetics and safety (www.ifdesign.de).

2002 - The launch of HBS 110.

Teseo is proud to present a new diameter of HBS system with a 110mm full inner bore. It becomes the largest diameter available for aluminium profiles.


The Spanish distributor of TESEO products turns into the first foreign branch, with headquarters in Barcelona.

2003 - New premises.

TESEO sets up a new prestigious headquarter, built on an area of over 10,000 square metres. The new factory is located in Desenzano del Garda, with a strategic position for logistics & hospitality during training courses and visits.

2004 - ISO 9001 (Vision) certification

The companyThe company's quality management systems is extended to include the design & development of products to control quality management of the entire process . The certification, notified by SGS (www.sgs.com)is for the 'design & manufacturing of aluminium piping systems for the distribution of compressed air and other fluids'.


The product success in the whole of Europe becomes the driving force for a new commercial initiative: a young Dutch businessman joins with TESEO to create the second overseas branch of the Italian company.

2005 - The launch of AP50

The AP system sees the birth of a new diameter with a 50mm full internal passage.The reduction of screws needed for the installation and a series of dedicated accessories, results in AP being the most modern and technological advanced aluminium modular pipework on the world market today.

2006 - TESEO U.K. Is born

Founded at the begining of 2006, Teseo U.K. Is the third Teseo Srl overseas centre, located in Witham, in Essex.

Why The Name "TESEO"?

Teseo is the name of an ancient Greek hero. On the island of Crete, he was able to penetrate the labyrinth of Knossos, where he killed the Minotaur, a half human, half bull monster and then escaped safe and well. The return towards the exit of the labyrinth was only possible as he had trailed wire in his path during his entrance, which was given to him by Arianna, the daughter of King Minos. As as in our ATS system, the product developed at the beginning of the ‘80s, the trolley is trailed and pulled back into position by a rope. Due to this curious “mythological” link, the short and compact name, it was agreed to call the company TESEO. Pronunciation according to AFI (International Phonetic Alphabet): t e z e o